About two years A go I taught myself how to knit and started with Lace of all things. Fortunately there are a large number of videos online which helped to learn the different stitches. From there I started to explore different styles, and cultural adaptations of the art. The round dollies are from patterns made by Herbert Niebling a well known German artist of Knitting. Each one made with two separate strands of silk thread knitted together, and taking about a year to complete. I just love how the light shines off of the silk. 

This was my entry to a miniature contest but was unfortunately rejected from the final selection. It is a landscape based on a picture I took in Ireland at St. Kevin's monastery. It measures 2.25 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide. Made with .75mm steal knitting needles which are a bit smaller than your average pin or sewing needle. The pattern is an original.