This piece was inspired by a small flower of the same name that I saw while touring St. Kevin's monastery in Glendalough, Ireland. Small bright struggling again the waterfall powered stream which lead down to the lake. I found Ireland to be full of beautiful and unique plants full of color and curious shapes. I was sure to take many pictures for inspiration. For the design of the board I chose the traditional Hnefatafl which uses the same number of pieces as Tablut but with the defending pieces circled more tightly around the King for better defense.

The cloth is 22x22 Aida cloth and the embroidery was done in cotton. The vines were made with a cotton floss hand dye by a small manufacture in New York state. The small flowers made with DMC satin to help them stand out from the work. The pattern in and original which I drew and mapped out in Microsoft paint. The game pieces are hand made from polymer clay, and gold foil filigree. The king piece embellished with red glass beads in the center.

The pattern is an original design by Alyss Steiner, and was completed in 2009.