I started this board back when I was in college. It was after having gone to a medieval fair where I and a college friend played The Viking Game board game. Having had fallowed sew by symbols patterns, I decided that the game would be a good opportunity to branch out and trying making a pattern of my own.

As I was looking to design a board for this ancient game I looked back to my love of the Irish, and modeled the board after the elaborate drawings of the Book of Kells. Here the geese rest around the King’s throne as the lions wait to strike. The design is of Tabult, which was recorded by Carolus Linnaeus (a Swedish Naturalist) during his travels. Much of what we know of this game is thanks to his journals though the game was not the focus of his travels. He had gone to Lapland, Sweden to study the plant and animal life in 1732. It wasn't until the twentieth century that people started to take notice of his non-ecological entries allowing archaeologists to reconstruct the game.

The board is made with cotton 22x22 Aida cloth, cotton backing, and pure silk embroidery floss. The game pieces are made from agate. The king piece from agate, jade, and malachite. Around it are the Viking runes that best correlate with K, I, N, and G.


The pattern is an original design by Alyss Steiner, and was completed in 2008.